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Recruitment Information

Recruitment Packet

We normally hand out physical recruitment packets, but in this digital age we are finding most people want to do away with paper. Below is what is in the physical packets. Don’t go crazy trying to figure it all out if it gets overwhelming. You can alway reach out to us and we can explain in person. Feel free to contact us to see when our next meeting is by emailing us at

Pack 98 Parent Handbook

Our handbook is the go-to source for information on Pack 98 and how it runs. It not only describes how Pack 98 works but how Scouting works in general. It is highly recommended you read through it. It can be found here.
Pack Handbook

Recruitment Files

Welcome Letter: Just a basic welcome letter with overall information

Financial Info: This gives an overview of how our financial requirement breaks down.  We have plenty of fundraising opportunities to assist.

Family Talent Survey: A form that just lets us know what your family’s interests and skills are.  Cub Scouting is a full family thing and knowing what people can do helps us make better plans and get help if needed.

Medical Forms: These provide us basic health information on your child in the event of an emergency. We keep these locked up and they are only shown to those running events who may need to know this information.  We cannot keep digital copies, so please do not fill them out and email them back. We need them physically handed to us.

Fill Out An Application

Online Application: You would fill this out when you decide to join. If you are ready to go you can fill it out now. However, we recommend you visit us before you fill it out.

One of the things to know about the online app is that it is sending invoices to people. The cost they give is one of the things we pay for out of your dues, but that system sends out invoices. Once you join Pack 98 and pay your dues we will handle that invoice. There is nothing you need to do if you receive one.

Uniform Information Sheets

One of the things you will need to get once you join is the official Cub Scout uniform, also known as your Class A uniform. You have two options for purchasing the uniform. You can order online at the official online Scout Shop. This option does have a rather large shipping fee so we recommend visiting the physical store.

You can visit the Scout Shop located inside our local Council office in Morganville, NJ. It is about thirty-five minutes away from the Kendall Park area. The address is 705 Ginesi Dr, Morganville, NJ 07751.

You can click the logo for your child’s rank and it will show you all the required items, as well as some optional items, you will need for your uniform. If you bring this to the Scout Shop the staff can help you get everything quick and painless. They even offer a service to sew on patches if that’s not your thing!

Tiger Wolf Bear Webelos/AoL
Tiger Wolf Bear Webelos/AoL
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